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A summer with Lagazuoi Dolomiti and Skyway Monte Bianco

Cober srl

A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to discover all the places of unexplored nature, but a good alpine guide is a good way to get to know the most striking views of each area.

This summer, thanks to our partnership with Lagazuoi Dolomiti and Skyway Monte Bianco, we invite you to take part in two adventures in the Alps: in the Dolomites, you will travel through time, immersing yourself in the stories of the soldiers from World War I in the company of a “re-enactor” in costume, while at the foot of Monte BIanco you will explore the Pavillon area with hiking guides, discovering one of the most interesting natural and geological heritages.

In both cases, you will hike with our trekking poles, provided free of charge to visitors: an indispensable tool to improve your balance, increase the frequency of your steps, better regulate your posture and breathing, and give a good rhythm to your walk. Objective: to make trekking enthusiasts aware of the importance of approaching the mountains safely and with the right preparation and equipment, in order to fully enjoy all the benefits of walking in nature.

"Touching history with your hand", following the trail of the soldiers on Lagazuoi

In the sceery of the Lagazuoi Open-air Museum, you walk through the pages of a history book following the footprints of men at the front: the appointment with “Touch history with your hand” is valid for the whole season, until 11 September. Every day, you can book guided tours of about 90 minutes in this “rock castle”, among spires, towers and military bases hidden in the bowels of the mountain. A natural fortress to be explored with a historical re-enactor in the uniform of the 3rd Regiment of the Tiroler Kaiserjäger, fully equipped, who recounts the conflict from a soldier’s point of view. It takes just 3 minutes to get to the top with the Lagazuoi cable car: the meeting point is the terrace at the top of the lift, with three times for departure : 9.30am, 11.30am or 2pm.

We, as partners in the initiative, will offer our poles free of charge for the duration of the visit to the reenactor and the participants: this is a special model, co-branded Cober/Lagazuoi Dolomiti. The poles can also be purchased at the info-point shop in the valley.

Mont Blanc Discovery, the secrets of the Pavillon

Ai partecipanti verranno forniti gratuitamente i nostri bastoncini, per rendere più agevole la camminata in salita e garantire la sicurezza in discesa. Nello shop della funivia troverete poi un modello di bastoncini brandizzato, per l’occasione, Cober / Skyway Monte Bianco – Save the Glacier.

The best way to admire Mont Blanc is to discover it slowly, at a walking pace. Together with Skyway, we meet you every Friday in July (three time slots, 9 a.m., 11.30 a.m., 2 p.m.), at an altitude of 2,173 metres. In a few minutes, on circular, transparent gondolas that rotate 360°, you reach the intermediate station of Skyway Mont Blanc, the Pavillon.

You set off from here for a hike among the peaks where the most beautiful pages of mountaineering history have been written. Accompanied by local hiking guides, you discover all the particularities of a unique territory, suspended between Italy, France and Switzerland. From the Pavillon – home to the Saussurea alpine botanical garden – many paths start, allowing you to appreciate the crown of peaks from various angles, immersing yourself in an unspoilt landscape. You will also be able to walk on the wild cherry tree hill, where you will find the pollinator bee houses of the agri-tech company 3Bee – the Polly Houses – donated by Cober to Skyway Mont Blanc to support biodiversity.

Participants will be provided free of charge with our poles, to make the hike easier on the ascent and ensure safety on the descent. In the  shop you will also find a model of poles, branded for the occasion, Cober / Skyway Mont Blanc – Save the Glacier.