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Discovering Nordic Walking

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All the greatest thoughts are conceived while walking.” Friedrich Nietzche wrote in one of his writings, and we can’t agree more, but as lovers of sport and snow, why not combine all these activities into a single sport to be done outdoors, alone or in company?

The solution is simple, it is called Nordic Walking, and has been described by its creator, Marko Kantaneva, as the most efficient and enjoyable workout in the world.

But what exactly is it?

It is a type of total body walking that, when practised correctly, not only involves the lower body, but also the upper body.


Nordic Walking's technique

Nordic Walking can be defined as energetic walking that actively engages the entire musculature. The watchword for those who want to undertake this activity? Physical engagement and poles. In fact, if done correctly, you get more benefits than from normal walking.


Here are 3 tips for performing ‘Nordic walking’ correctly and reaping all the benefits:



  • Do a good warm-up (before) and cool-down (after): the focus is on the muscles of the upper and lower body. Stretch the hip, calf,, knee and quadriceps. Then move up, stretching the side and upper back, arms, shoulders and chest.
  • Move legs and arms at alternating times, mimicking a natural walk but with a longer stride: left leg and right arm, right leg and left arm. The movement is diagonal and poles are involved.
  • Contracted abdominals. While the arms move back and forth, following a straight line, the entire abdominal band must be tensed to maximise the result.

Bastoncini per il Nordic Walking

Poles are the most important tools. Without them, Nordic Walking cannot be practised, and since, if chosen correctly, they can be used for a long time, the investment should be made with a long-term perspective by purchasing quality poles. It should also be considered that it is possible to replace certain consumable parts, such as the gloves.


The main rule to follow when buying Nordic Walking poles is to choose those with the correct length according to your height:

0.70 x your height

A person 170 cm tall should use poles with a length of 120 cm (170 x 0.7 = 119 cm)

In addition to the correct length, when choosing Nordic Walking poles it is important to consider the flexibility of your joints, your proportions, the terrain in which you will be practising, your technical skills and other important factors.


What are you waiting for? Haven’t you immediately felt like discovering the incredible routes for Nordic Walking in Italy? Take a look at this link, but only after you have chosen your poles.


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