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We are a group of young Alpine Guides, all born in Alta Valtellina. What unites us is agreat passion for the mountains, and the desire to re-propose our wonderful territory in a modern way. From ascents on the great mountains, to unusual excursions in the woods. From steep rock faces to ephemeral ice falls. From adrenaline-pumping freeride, to relaxing trips of ski touring and with snowshoes. Alpine Guides are the only recognised professionals to make you experience the world of the mountains at 360 degrees, and at any time of the year. Authentic emotions and unique experiences are the product that those choosing us will have the pleasure of finding.

Here are some of the climbs and expeditions carried out.



  • New rock routes in the Mont Blanc and Masino Bregaglia group
  • New mixed and ice routes in the Gran Paradiso group – Italy
  • Repetition of mixed routes in Scotland
  • First Italian attempt at the untouched northern spur of Latok I. Karakoram
  • Illimani – South Face – New route “Directa Italiana” – Bolivia
  • Alpamayo Negro – West Ridge – New route “Arista de Cice” – Bolivia
  • Cerro Torre – West Face – Route dei Ragni – Patagonia
  • Fitz Roy – Via Supercanaleta – Patagonia
  • Cervino – North Face – Route Gogna Cerruti. First Italian repeat – Italy
  • Grandes Jorasses – North Face – Route Colton – McIntyre
  • Mont Blanc – Rpute Divine Providence and Freney Central Pylon
  • Marmolada – South Face – Route Tempi Moderni
  • Cima Grande di Lavaredo – North Face – Via Comici
  • Pizzo Badile – North-East Face – Route Linea Bianca
  • Nemjung (7140m) – North-West side
  • Alaska Denali (6190m) – Cassin ridge


  • Monte Pasquale (3553m) – North-West Face 60 °
  • S. Matteo (3678m) – North-East Channel 45 °
  • Corno Tre Signori (3360m) – South Channel 45 °
  • Cima Tuckett (3462m) – North-West Face 55 °
  • Cima Reit (3075m) – From the top, then Pedranzini Channel 45 °


  • Cima Piazzi (3440m) – North-East
  • Gran Zebrù (3851m) – South-East
  • Cevedale (3769m) – North-West