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Trekking: poles for experts, beginners and children

Cober srl

For the summer season 23 we have developed three new models at the two extremes of our collection. Cardamine and Taraxacum, for adults and children approaching alpine hiking, and Artemisia, for the new generation of fast hikers.

Trekking poles have become one of the most popular tools used by those who go the mountains in summer as well. The advantage of using them is appreciated by many users, and among them certainly both the more experienced enthusiasts, who tackle the trails testing their athletic skills, and those who are approaching mountain activities for the first time, and find in poles a concrete aid to balance and fatigue on ascents and descents.



“The limitations of the last two years have given a renewed value to outdoor activities and time to devote to one’s own well-being. It’s no secret that the mountains have been rediscovered as a summer destination for both weekends and longer periods, and how many people have approached activities such as daily hikes and treks with overnight stays at altitude for the first time,” explains Alice Covini, our sales manager. “These new mountain users have discovered that specific materials are needed on the trails, such as shoes, backpacks and poles, and are equipping themselves accordingly. For this audience, which is also made up of families with children, we have developed two new products that uncompromisingly combine quality materials and alpine functionality at an affordable price.”

Cardamine and Taraxacum are our answer to the needs of new mountain users. Made of strong and lightweight aluminium shafts, they are equipped with a simple and functional second-life plastic grip and a durable steel tip. Cardamine is the three-section adjustable pole for adults, available in two colours – green and blue/orange – with a range of 110 to 140 centimetres, but when closed it is only 63 centimetres long, to be attached to a backpack. Taraxacum is to all intents and purposes the children’s version of Cardamine, adjustable from 85 to 110 centimetres to accompany children’s growth, with the innovative CamLock lever system, generally used on top-of-the-range poles.



Cober’s third news of the season is Artemisia, the new top-of-the-range pole for the category. “One of the trends of recent years is fast hiking,” explains Costanza Bacchi, marketing & communication manager here at Cober. “There is a new generation of enthusiasts who experience the mountains with a dynamic, athletic spirit, combining the traditional values of the alpine environment with the benefit of a fast hike, that is gratifying in terms of well-being and endorphins. For this audience, we developed a hybrid pole, combining the solidity of the trekking pole with the lightness and comfortable grip of our trail running poles.”

Artemisia is our new fast hiking pole, made with a combination of Ergal shafts, a lighter aluminium alloy for equal strength, and Alu 5083, for a total weight of only 247 grams. The three-piece construction with the innovative CamLock lever closing system allows a range from 100 to 135 centimetres. But the most noticeable news is in the new grip, made of the same comfortable foam used for trail running models, over a length of no less than 25 centimetres, which offers the possibility of quickly changing the grip on the pole by adapting to different terrain situations. At the top, the grip ends with the traditional trekking beak, to ensure a firm and comfortable grip in combination with the soft neoprene loop.