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Preview S25: new products for the coming summer season

Cober srl

For the next summer season, we are presenting two new products for outdoor activities in the trekking and walking category: a shorter top-of-the-range pole for women and young people, and a new entry-level model with a premium look.


At our headquarters in Opera, just outside Milan, we develop and manufacture the new models in a very short industrial chain that carries out almost all production stages in-house. “The strategic choice of manufacturing our products in Italy not only concerns the processing, moulding, colouring and assembly stages, but also the supply of aluminium,” explains Alice Covini, Cober global sales manager. “We only use two of the highest quality alloys to make our poles, from Italian suppliers. 7075, which is an aeronautical alloy also known as Ergal, has the best weight-to-strength ratio. This allows us to make poles that are stronger for the same weight, or lighter for the same strength, depending on the specific requirement. The other alloy is 5083, which has excellent performance at a lower cost and allows us to offer entry-level poles with performance that exceeds the retail price. Like the new Crater poles, which will be an excellent investment for the public who are new to trekking or walking”.

The Crater pole is the first of two new products we are presenting for the SS25 season. It is an entry-level model for trekking and walking but with several top-of-the-range details, such as the Cosmonaut grip, made by assembling two different materials and with a 7° inclination for an ergonomic grip that does not strain the wrist. The shafts are made of 5083 aluminium with an adjustable length from 105 to 135 centimetres to cover the needs of a wide range of users, including women and juniors.

In addition to functional aspects, such as the ergonomic Cosmonaut grip and the considerable range of adjustment, with the new Crater model we sought premium aesthetics in an entry-level product,” explains Costanza Bacchi, Cober global marketing manager. “All shafts are painted in the same colour for a premium aesthetic effect. In addition, Crater will be available in three different colours in natural shades, to meet the needs of consumers who like to combine the cane with other elements of their outfit. Still on the subject of consumer needs, our new Magma model also responds to a specific consumer demand, namely that of having a shorter top-of-the-range trekking pole for less tall users, as statistically women and young people are, but not only“.

The Magma pole incorporates the same technical features as successful models such as the Tamus and Rubus, but with a travel range from 105 cm to 125 cm, which allows comfortable use even by people under 160 cm tall. Magma is equipped with the ergonomic Cosmonaut foam grip in the long version, which allows grips at different heights. The shafts are made of Ergal 7075 aeronautical aluminium with a quick-assembly system and CamLock locking lever with bi-material plastic and rubber construction, which ensures an excellent seal thanks to the rubber in direct contact with the shaft. Thanks to the four-section construction, once folded the Magma poles take up very little space in the backpack or their supplied pouch.


The new Crater and Magma poles will be available from March 2025 at Cober dealers and on our website.