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International Mountain Day 2021

Cober srl

December 11th is International Mountain Day. The United Nations established this anniversary almost twenty years ago, with the aim of raising awareness about the sustainable development of mountain regions and their importance for the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

This year, more than ever, at Cober we have decided to celebrate this occasion with a tribute to that desire to return to high altitudes, in contact with nature and snow, common to many, and to rediscover those emotions that have always linked us to the mountains!


Therefore here is a kit designed to stimulate an imaginative connection with the mountains, thanks to small suggestions that we hope will evoke a memory, a reflection or an opportunity to return to our beloved peaks, wherever they may be!

Because, as the naturalist and environmentalist John Muir wrote, “You are not in the mountains, the mountains are in you“.

So, let winter begin and…enjoy the mountains!


Special thanks to those who believed in our idea and decided to be active partners:

Brielli, OriginariaMente and Snowit.


Brielli, the mountain candy. The company has been imprinting balsamic and aromatic essences of high-altitude plants and flowers, as well as high-quality fruit and honey, into its products for 100 years.


OriginariaMente, with its notebooks “Sguardi”, presents the imagery of going up as a pretext for a journey towards our desires. A thread takes us to high altitude, to a free space where the place becomes a state of mind. Made of recycled paper, they guard emotions, keep track of desires to find ourselves among clouds, threads and sheets of paper. #Direzionesogni


Snowit, the first marketplace for services related to the mountains and snow experiences which, with its innovative Snowitcard, in Edition – Wood Plastic Free, which can be loaded online with the ski pass of more than 50 ski resorts, launches us onto the slopes, avoiding queues.