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12/12 Mauro Baio

Cober srl

Mauro Baio is the artist we chose to inaugurate our project ‘The Art of Skiing’: this year, we chose him again to close the project dedicated to our 70th anniversary. He created Cober Peaks 1,2,3,4 for us, taking inspiration from Freedom.

Cober Peaks

“My collaboration with Cober began in 2019/2020, thanks to a project promoted directly by Cober to support young artists. The union between me and Cober was instinctive, as skiing is a passion that has been passed down through generations in both our families”.

As a painter, Mauro Baio profound connection with the mountains has been a lifelong inspiration. Growing up amidst these majestic peaks, he began skiing at the age of three. By 2015, his passion for freeride skiing led him to embark on challenging ski tours and backcountry adventures throughout the Alps. This deepened his connection with nature, pushing him beyond the comfort of ski lifts to ascend mountains with his own effort, skiing down untouched slopes.

His artistic research is strongly focused on expression through geometries and colours, with an accentuated presence of sporting elements. Being a sportsman himself, he wishes to communicate and share what he knows best.

In detail, the works created for Cober’s latest project represent a natural evolution of a series that he has been pursuing for many years, namely the representation of mountains. His passion for skiing and mountaineering has led him to experience a state of ecstasy, which he tries to represent in the most abstract way possible, according to his current artistic ability.

Baio distinctive painting style remains consistent: a flat, colourful background that captures the essence of mountains with minimalistic yet abstract representations, reflecting his enduring fascination with these natural wonders. The true essence of his works lies in the interplay of colour and aesthetic balance. Through meticulous research and unwavering obsession, Baio crafts each piece to manifest a harmonious union of form, colour, and abstraction. Every painting tells a story, inviting the viewer to explore the delicate balance between precision and chaos, motion and stillness. It is a testament to the inherent beauty that lies within simplicity, where the dynamic lines of the court transform into a visual symphony that captivates the viewer’s gaze.


For any further information, or to acquire the artwork, you can contact us here.


Mauro Baio was born on May 6th, 1991, in Lecco, a small town located between Milan and the Swiss border. The town is characterized by its beautiful views and unique landscapes, nestled between the lake and the mountains. This singular environment instilled in Baio a natural fascination for the dichotomy and contrast between light and shadow, which are derived from its shape. It was within this setting that Baio’s inclination for drawing developed into a passion, ultimately leading him to pursue an artistic career. Baio’s approach involves stripping away all accessories through a process of reduction. There is no emotional or symbolic burden; the artist’s desire is to allow the strong aesthetic value to guide the viewer’s experience of the work itself, rather than the author’s idea.