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11/12 Adriano Tenore

Cober srl

We are almost at the end of our project, and Adriano Tenore is the eleventh artist to interpret Mountains at (He)Art for us. The artist created an NFT inspired by our racing line, Eagle.


“I developed CNTRL, 2023 as an invitation to explore the Cober world as much as an untouched, almost lunar outer space. For this reason, I created a heavy monolithic structure that becomes the protagonist of the work together with the racing poles”. The latter are somehow welcomed and attracted by a mysterious force field generated by the monolithic structure and seem ready for a journey into an environment whose climatic conditions are extreme. The inhospitable expanse of ice in fact makes the use of poles indispensable, in the same way that they are indispensable for the skier on the piste.

Furthermore, the energy that is generated in the NFT can be traced back to the one given off by the skier during a race: a short but intense moment that is reflected in the art work.

It’s a combination of GORPcore aesthetics, the allure of luminal spaces and a veiled SciFi feeling.


Adriano Tenore is a multidisciplinary visual designer, art director and crypto artist based in Italy.

Tenore approached digital art from a young age: he started with abstracts and then experimented with stills and 3D animation, focusing on exploring analogue and digital worlds and then materialising and transporting them into everyday reality.

He developed this journey in the field of audio as well, mainly through the interaction between analogue audio equipment and video-mapped visual experiences in live concerts (as an example, at ‘LightBox’, an exhibition space in New York, and at ‘Museo del Sottosuolo’, a deep cave under the city of Naples).


After graduating in Anthropology, Tenore decided to further develop his curiosity for mankind, as a mix between a cultural product and a natural miracle, thus focusing his entire career on visual art. Although his contact with crypto-art came about by chance, as he was pointed to the #makingstrides competition organised by The Fabricant (a group of young pioneers in the 3D fashion industry) to advertise the new Wind.RDY Parka Jacket from the adidas x Karlie Kloss collection. From that experience he started to study NFTs in order to understand what could be done with them and thus experience a new artistic world.


Tenore currently works as a 3D Designer and Art Director, continuing to combine traditional cultures, transhumanism and technology in a lucid dystopian dream.


For any further information, or to acquire the artwork, you can contact us here.