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Dog Trekking

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Dog trekking allows you to go on your outdoor adventures together with your furry friends. Who better than them to share a beautiful day in the great outdoors?

Dog trekking: what is it and what equipment is needed?

Let’s see what it is specifically about.

Dog trekking involves walking a specific hiking route in the company of your trusty four-legged friend. The dog is secured by a special harness. The equipment for the dog consists of a harness very similar to that used by trailing dogs. While you will need a dog trekking harness as well. The idea is not that the dog has to drag the owner, but simply provide him with support to get to the end of the route. This discipline certainly involves a great synergy between man and animal, who rely on each other in an unbreakable bond.

Very important will be to carry adequate supplies of water: it will have to be enough for you and your friend!

Indispensable will obviously be technical clothing: multi-purpose trousers and jacket, socks and trekking shoes: only in this case you are excused not to bring trekking poles! And remember, always bring sun cream and, in hot weather, a hat to avoid sunstroke.

How to approach these six-legged hikes?

It is important to know, for those who decide to approach this discipline, that it is not possible from the outset to do this activity alone. Throughout the walk, the dog must be given the appropriate commands, and given the complexity of the activity, dog trekking cannot be improvised: it would become a risk for us and our trusty friend.

There are qualified people using the DTE (Dog Trekking Education) method who can accompany you safely. Qualified personnel can support both owner and dog with all the necessary information and teachings, to make the practice safe and ensure that no one takes unnecessary risks, mainly due to inexperience. If you want to turn this activity into a socialising opportunity for you and your companion, you can take part in organised dog trekking groups, usually consisting of a maximum of ten dogs per group, who will get to know each other before the start. The trekking will also be planned according to your experience in this activity, so, at the beginning, they will be short routes with simple commands, and then they will become increasingly complex.

Where and when to practice this activity?

There are special places where you can practice dog trekking in total freedom.

But just as there are many suitable places, there are just as many where it is preferable not to practise this activity. This is for one simple reason: the dog’s nature remains that of a predator, which is why in some areas its footprints could alarm wild animals. It is also why is why we emphasise once again, the importance of safety and proper preparation above all. Fundamental, as for any trekking, is to inform oneself adequately about the weather. As far as seasonality is concerned, dog trekking can always be done, but with an eye to the breed of our furry friends.  In the colder seasons, if your dog is short-haired, it is a good idea to provide him with a coat to protect him. In hot weather, on the other hand, it will also be necessary to take more breaks depending on how long our friend is used to walking.


Dog trekking is ultimately another way to share nature and free time with your dog. Thanks to this activity, you can spend a wonderful day surrounded by nature and strengthen your bond with your trusty four-legged friend.