Cober srl

3/12 Mattia Iotti

Cober srl

“In 1979 Sony launched the Walkman, Pink Floyd released The Wall and Apocalypse Now was released in cinemas.

Also, I was born, and this is not to brag, but just a fact.

After spending my adolescence in the province wanting to be a sound engineer because of my love for music, I ended up as an adult in Milan working as a photographer. What happened in between was not very clear to me.

I only photograph spaces and things, very rarely people, only if they stand still.

Work has never completely put passion into hibernation, so sometimes it awakens and makes me follow personal projects.

That’s all’.


It is with these words that Mattia Iotti, professional photographer and third artist for the Mountains at (He)Art project, tells us about his passion, music, and his work, photography.



“I only photograph spaces and things, very rarely people, only if they stand still”

Cober Cercle is the work that Mattia created for us, interpreting the Hero Yellow model. Here it is the artwork in the words of the artist:

“Any shape can be obtained from a single straight line.

If you add others to a straight line, the exercise does not change, you only obtain more complex shapes. This elementary principle stimulates the imagination, and allows anyone to express their thoughts.

The straight line is the poles, it’s time, it’s a company, it’s perpetual movement, it’s a purpouse, it’s a perfect gear.

The straight line is a tool that takes shape”.


For any further information, or to acquire the artwork, you can contact us here.