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7/12 Matete Martini

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La settima artista selezionata per il progetto che celebra i nostri 70 anni, Mountains at (He)Art, è Matete Martini, un’artista italiana figurativa, il cui lavoro si occupa dell’attività effimera del movimento umano in momenti di vita quotidiana.

Per noi Matete ha interpretato il modello Rubus, bastoncini da trekking foldable, estremamente versatile e che rappresentano il camminatore moderno.


The seventh artist selected for the project that celebrates our 70th birthday, Mountains at (He)Art, is Matete Martini, a figurative Italian artist whose work deals with the ephemeral activity of human movement in moments of everyday life.

For us, Matete has interpreted the Rubus model, foldable trekking poles that are extremely versatile and represent the modern walker.

“Ma tètè” is my mind, nothing more

Il camminatore

The work explores the dynamism of movement as an element in the study of the act of walking and its decomposition, The most tangible graphic element of the sporting object becomes the directive that rhythms the orderly act of movement in reality and graphically directs the perception of a man who is multiple, of a soul that is many. Let us think of an army of horses in progress making the same power. What remains of the path? How much is left of the sporting act in the graphic instant of a frame? How many men make a walker?

A visual irony to honour the inventor of the nude walking downstairs, the great Duchamp. Camminatore in Cober is the shadow of a run in the snow, the incessant rhythm of a human intent on sporting action. An orderly spiritual escape towards a clean and iridescent half, the return to white the race towards a free feeling of peace, the ceremony that makes us return to beasts raised in nature, the sound of our most living nature, survival, escape.


To breathe again.

The artist

L’opera di Matete è in vendita per 4500 euro, per maggiori informazioni sulle condizioni di vendita o per l’acquisto dell’opera, potete scrivere qui.


Pordenone 15-02-1994. Matete Martini is an italian figurative artist whose work is concerned with the ephemeral activity of the human movement from moments of everyday life. Matete comes from Ma tête, French for ‘my head’. This choice conveys a certain willingness to share her thoughts, her vision of the world. “Matete was born from an adolescent idea that was meant to encompass all my imagination, street photos, moments stolen from the cinema. “Ma tètè’ is my head, nothing more. I have never had an explicit desire to denounce a particular theme, rather a gradual growth of attraction towards certain types of beauty, certain aesthetic canons, certain characters, certain attractive flaws”.

Through observation of the body within different contexts such as, walking in the street, socialising or dancing in clubs, she freely transfers, re-adapts and transforms the way the human figure moves into the world.

With a particular interest in the notions of identity, transformism and queerness, Martini explores the female and male traits as naturally embedded in all human beings without any effort to make any political arguments.

Her highly aestheticized work is largely informed from the Italian Futurism, Metaphysical painting and the Golden Age of Italian cinema. Free, quick black lines evoke fleeting movement and memories, while oil paint attempts to hold the intangible into form. Her work is the result of a thoughtful research methodology, using photography and video as primary sources, to then move up to canvas as well as textiles such as chiffon, cotton and wool.

She lives in Italy but usually works abroad, through collaborations that often start with photography and then move on to canvases, textiles or other mediums. She promotes and develops projects in areas as diverse as painting, performance, sculpture, film and education.

She is also the founder and curator of Future Young Talent, a workshop programme for school students focusing on painting, abstraction, design and architecture. The aim of Future Young Talent is to provide students with a method and critical thinking tools to understand and engage in creative activities.


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