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Adopting a beehive together

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Among the projects that Cober is supporting through ‘Cober Active Way’ there is also 3bee, an Italian company born from the desire of Niccolò Calandri and Riccardo Balzaretti, currently CEO and CTO of the company. 3bee is an agri-tech company that develops intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems for bees‘ health. Through exclusive technologies, beekeepers can constantly and completely monitor their hives in order to optimize production, and treat their bees in a timely manner, preventing problems and diseases. 3bee has revolutionized the ancient and very precious art of beekeeping by encouraging its growth and rediscovery, thanks to the use of innovative technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning, providing a new way of working for beekeepers.


In 2 years, they have developed a network of 10,000 beekeepers throughout Italy who follow them and use the technology developed by 3bee.

Thanks to this network, they were able to create the research, development and circular economy program “Adopt a beehive“. Following the success of the project and the growing demands, they decided to adapt it and make it available to all companies attentive to green issues of environmental sustainability. This is where Cober, among other companies, comes into play, by deciding to adopt a hive, thus supporting an Italian beekeeper in the care of her hive. So this year we will happily support Apicoltura Barbieri, based in Tavernola Bergamasca.

The choice to promote an Italian beekeeper, in this case Eleonora, stems from Cober’s desire to support initiatives that preserve the planet we live on and smaller realities, which share this goal with us through their work.

Furthermore, Cober will give a contribution of 1 euro for each pair of poles soldon the website, so that we can make a further contribution to this activity, and also be able to raise awareness among our customers.

Apicoltura Barbieri – Eleonora Barbieri

Cober beehive “Camerina 2” – [Camerina, Vigolo – Bergamo]


Apicoltura Barbieri Di Eleonora is a young company, founded in 2016 in Tavernola Bergamasca, on the shores of Lake Iseo.

“The strong passion for bees was handed down to me by my parents, a hobby that has only become a profession in recent years.

Initially I undertook studies in the medical sector, only to understand that I prefer my reality to be among bees and honey!

Thanks to their twenty-year knowledge, I was able to quickly learn the job and “modernize” the management of the hives, thanks to tools that did not exist in the past, bringing significant benefits to the company without creating any stress for the bees.

My beekeeping is based on respect for the animal, for the territory and on ensuring a genuine product, handcrafted with professionalism, without any sophistication and heat treatment, and that is why my honey is very dense and raw.

I practice short-range trips (Nomadism) to ensure greater well-being for my bees, and at the same time I am lucky to have an area rich in botanical and uncontaminated varieties that give honey a very intense and full-bodied aroma.

Currently, I own about 250 beehives located in various places, all within 30 km from the registered office located in Tavernola, from the lowland up to the hills, thanks to which I can produce different types of local honey (Acacia, wildflower, chestnut, dandelion, linden and rapeseed) .

Every year I try to increase my Bee Park, thanks also to the help my parents give me in the management, but alas every year the problems related to climate change and the diseases of insects themselves, do not make the job easy. But I remain confident and, above all, constantly updated by exchanging information with realities other than mine, being in contact with beekeepers from other Italian regions.