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6/12 Valery Franzelli

Cober srl

The work that Valery Franzelli has created for our project Cober70: Mountains at (He)Art stems from the need to explore the themes of memory, remembrance and that of fragment.


The project develops from these themes to embrace broader and abstract/nebulous themes such as emptiness and silence. The protagonists of these works are the imprints left by ski poles on the snow surface. What remains is the presence of an absence, the mark of an object that is no longer present in physical form but in the form of a shadow. PowPow ski pole silhouettes are amplified by the softness of fresh snow. The end result is a white image, in which the shadows and light allow the shapes and volumes of the portrayed environment to be captured. One finds oneself immersed and submerged in a snowy white, and focuses exclusively on the texture of the snow, on the small wrinkles produced by the wind, finally trying to unearth what is hidden behind those traces. Invisibility is the central focus.


“The image is a clean setting, in which white reigns, leaving no space for other elements apart from the crystals on the surface of the snow”

“What I tried to do when making this work is to represent the ski poles in a different shape, to show them without really showing them. Silence reigns in the emptiness of this mountains’ space. ‘Polvere di neve’ comes from one of the nicknames given to fresh snow by freeriders (PowPow) and is derived from powder snow”.


PowPow is also the name of the ski poles Valery used for her work: both, the artwork and the ski poles, are an homage to freeriding.


Valery Franzelli was born in Chiari in 1998. In November 2021, she opened SPAZIO15, an exhibition space in Brescia, which she shares with artist Stefano Riboli. In 2023, she graduated in Contemporary Visual Arts at the SantaGiulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia. In 2021. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Painting at the same academy. In 2017, she obtained a diploma in Visual Arts at the Bruno Munari Institute of Higher Education in Crema.


2020- 2023 Accademia di belle arti SantaGiulia in Brescia, two-year course in Contemporary Visual Arts.
2017-2020 Accademia di belle arti SantaGiulia in Brescia, three-year course in Painting.
2012-2017 Liceo artistico Bruno Munari in Crema (CR).





Solo exhibition, Purificatio, SpazioVolta, Bergamo (BG). Curated by Veronica Mari.


Double solo show with Giulia Fumagalli, Zefiro, SPAZIO15, Brescia. Curated by Benedetta Nucci and Giulia Zompa.

Double solo show with Samuele Bartolini, Infrasottile, SPAZIO15, Brescia. Curated by Andrea Barda and Francesca Bresciani.

Group show, Rien ne va plus, Final Critics, A+B Gallery, Brescia (BS). Curated by Marco La Rosa and Paolo Sacchini.

Double solo exhibition with Stefano Riboli, Contemplare L’invisibile, Trento Art Festival. Curated by Melania Raimondi and Camilla Remondina (Acme Art Lab).

Group show, /bjan-co/ , Iseo, Brescia. Curated by Melania Raimondi and Camilla Remondina (Acme Art Lab).


Opening, SPAZIO15, Brescia. Curated by Valery Franzelli and Stefano Riboli.

Group show, In absentia, Temù, Brescia. Curated by Paolo Sacchini, Giulia Palamidese and Natalie Zangari.

Group show, Kenopsia- Open dialogues between six artists and a palace, Palazzo Palazzi, Brescia. Curated by Natalie Zangari.

Group show, Final Critics, Paolo VI Collection – contemporary art, Concesio (BS). Curated by Paolo Sacchini.




Participation in the event ‘Relations and Bonds’ organised by Confcooperative, Castello di Padernello (BS).

Preparation and staging of the exhibition Troca, Herbert Sobral, A+B gallery, Brescia (BS).


Realisation of the site-specific work Columns in ten colours, Peter Halley, Brescia. Curated by Bellearti 25100.

For any further information, or to acquire the artwork, you can contact us here.