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8/12 Stefano Riboli

Cober srl

Stefano Riboli is the eighth artist in our Mountains at (He)Art project. With his work Cielo-cober, he has interpreted for us the Cardamine Blue model, our trekking poles with a second life plastic grip.

Cielo-cober, 2023 is the work I created for Cober70 project”



Staying true to his production style, Stefano decided to use a light blue colour for the background to capture the vision of clear skies, typical of a day in the mountains. Superimposed on this is the 3D wireframe of Cober trekking poles, the point of inspiration for the production of his work. The thin, stylised lines criss-cross, hiding the decisive stroke of the poles and thus creating a fusion of nature and artifice, of natural gradations and precise, mechanical marks.


The work is born from a visual research generated inside the digital word. Experiences addressed as natural, such as fatho- ming a sunrise or sunset, have been happening in video games since the beginning of their existen- ce, creating a connection between real and virtual experiences. At the same time thou, the realistic experience coexists inside the videogame with unusual errors like bugs or glitches. This sensorial paradox is explicit in the artworks through the layering of the different hues of the sky and the lining of structures and objects taken from 3D files.

The artist

Stefano Riboli (Crema CR, 1998)

Graduated in Contemporary Visual Arts at the SantaGiulia Academy of Fine Arts in 2023. Through the use of both digital and physical media, his research focuses on the relationship between real and virtual, natural and artificial.

His various exhibitions include: the solo show Digital Dynamism, 2023, Progetto Ludovico, Milan; Body Embodiment Digital Self, 2022, curated by IIDR studio, Interact stu- dio, New York, USA; Rea fair, October 2022, Fabbrica del vapore, Milan; HYBRID EDGES, 2021 Daste, curated by MiDi Motori Digitali, Bergamo; Kenopsia – Open Dialogues between six artists and a palace, 2021, curated by Natalie Zangari, Palazzo Palazzi, Brescia.


For any further information, or to acquire the artwork, you can contact us here.